Test instances

In order to get fun with Yasol, you need some input instances in qlp file format. Here you can find a collection of test instances.

QIP instances

Quantified Integeger Programs (QIP) are Q-MIPs with only integer variables. A special case of QIPs are Quantified Boolean Programs (QBP) with only boolean variables. The constraints are linear and an objective typically exists. 

QIP test instances

Other instances

The Quantified Satisfiability problem (QSAT), which is also know as the satisfiability of Quantified Boolean Formulas (QBF), is related to the Q-MIP-problem. In QSAT there is no objective function and all variables are binary. Further, it deals with clauses instead of arithmetic linear inequalities. However, with some effort and good will, it is possible to extract very special QMIPs from QSAT instances. Similar is the situation with MIPs, which deal with linear constraints but without quantification.

Here, we present some further examples from these two sub-disciplines, collected from qbflib.org and miplib and converted to QLP-format. 

Instance collection IP based

Instance collection MIP based

Please note that not all instances have been converted 1:1 due to some border cases in the conversion.